I’m a new mom that surprisingly has some free time on her hands to experiment in the kitchen.  I grew up in a family whose culture literally revolves around food; and my Middle Eastern roots have definitely influenced my desire to create interesting dishes that never get boring.

I originally planned on starting this blog to organize all of my recipes (the ones that I have on paper and the ones that reside in my head) – but I’m also excited to introduce others to my recipes as well as favorites from family and friends!


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Doing a great job on the blog Tara, I have a request/idea….can you do a holiday category (I’m thinking Christmas Eve at your parents) where you create all of the recipes that your mom makes? I guess she’s probably got a few secret recipes that she wouldn’t want public, but I’m thinking about the dolma and the raw beef pate and the hummus and that dessert with cheese and pistachios and shredded wheat. God all that stuff was so good!

    • Yes, that’s a great idea! Marushka doesn’t really hold back on her recipes since she thinks her magic touch makes all the difference (and she’s right, haha). I will definitely be posting those recipes soon – they all make an appearance at Father’s Day as well 🙂

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